Who is this guy?

Ryan McBeth is an intelligence analyst, software architect, cybersecurity guy, and YouTube content creator of military,  intelligence and disinformation topics.  He appears on NEWSMAX as an intelligence consultant and consults for Veloxxity on OSINT and information warfare.

He also works for the Texas AeroMedLab, University of Texas at Dallas as the Director of Integration. This program develops AI powered drones that autonomously deliver whole blood to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.​ 

Ryan spent 20 years as an anti-armor and heavy weapons infantryman with two overseas deployments and developed C4ISR software for Accenture Federal Services. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with a large humidor and whiskey library.

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Author, journalist, OSINT Intelligence Analyst, Programmer, Cyber Guy. I believe in creating dilemmas, not problems and fighting back with knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/@ryanmcbethprogramming