Was it a War Crime for Ukraine to Attack Wounded Russian Soldiers?Watch now (8 min) | No, but that's only because I have too much experience fighting the wrong war
How is the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons by Ukraine like the Astronaut in The Lego Movie? Watch now (35 sec) | Russia claims that Ukrainian is using chemical weapons, but then why aren't soldiers in MOPP?
That's a nice trench line in a perfect position, so why isn't Russia shelling it?
Bulgarian OG-7 Anti-Personnel Grenades spotted in UkraineWatch now (54 sec) | The traditional RPG-7 is designed for Anti-Tank work. These are strictly anti-personnel.
YouTube Demonitized my P365 video, so here it is for posterity.Watch now (54 sec) | I have no idea what YouTube's Firearms Rules are anymore, and this should terrify the US Army.
Analysis of the Ukrainian M113 Ambush Watch now (12 min) | The crew did some things right but still got killed. Here is how.
Are Ukrainian soldiers being buried alive for refusing to fight?Watch now (44 sec) | This is how Russian misinformation works. Scattering, Harvesting and Amplification. This video is the scattering phase.
Why is this Ukrainian sniper shooting from inside a room? Watch now (3 min) | In the movies, snipers "blend in" to their environment. But in urban areas, they redirect focus.
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